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Flower Chef

Chef Julie Houser, celebrated entrepreneur, celebrity chef, cookbook author, and the visionary behind Flower Chef Foods, boasts over 25 years of culinary expertise. Known far and wide as “The Flower Chef” for her renowned farm-to-table feasts, she’s earned the admiration of celebrities, diplomats and industry leaders alike.

In 1999, Chef Jules founded Julie Summers Catering in Santa Barbara, swiftly rising to fame as one of the city’s premier celebrity chefs. Her innovative, plant-based creations, crafted from locally sourced, fresh ingredients, earned her the Pacific Coast Business Times’ esteemed Forty Under 40 award.

Following a move to Seattle in 2004 and a stint as a pharmaceutical sales representative, Chef Jules faced a life changing battle with stage 3 breast cancer in 2011. The experience inspired her to make changes to her lifestyle, including changing to a plant based diet. She was driven to make plant based eating more enjoyable and more accessible to people. Drawing on her years of culinary expertise, she turned to her kitchen, creating a delicious line of innovative hemp seed oil blends called OLA Gourmet. This is her flagship line and marks the birth of her company, Flower Chef Foods

Beyond her illustrious culinary career, Chef Jules practice yoga and meditation daily. She enjoys painting and spending time with her family in the Pacific Northwest. She resides in Seattle with her husband, Jim, a psychiatrist and their two sons, alongside their loyal chocolate lab Winnie. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. The Flower Chef is poised to take her brand to the global stage, captivating palates worldwide.

The Flower Chef Philosophy

Founded by The Flower Chef Julie Houser in 2022, Flower Chef Foods is a culinary, plant-based brand focusing on health, nutrition and high-end, plant based cuisine. Our delicious farm-to-table line of gourmet hemp seed oil blends are called OLA, the Irish word for “Oil”a nod to Julie’s Irish roots.  It is our mission to bring the benefits of hemp seed into peoples diets. The Flower Chef travels around the world preparing high end menus for esteemed celebrities and politicians.  She is also importing a line of hemp seed flour pasta from Italy.

At Flower Chef Foods, we currently offer four farm-to-bottle oils (BRIGHT, TOAST, SAVOR, OLIVE) that are poised to ignite the inner food enthusiast in you, elevate your culinary creations that redefine the traditional dinner party and fine dining experience.