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Julie Houser is a pioneering celebrity plant chef and breast cancer survivor. Known as The Flower Chef, she’s crafted “farm-to-table” menus for celebrities, diplomats, and industry leaders alike. An award- winning entrepreneur, Ms. Houser’s mission is to redefine high-end, plant-inspired cuisine in the fine dining marketplace. Ms.Houser has created her first cookbook dedicated to her craft and the process behind her creative skills which put her name on the map.

This book walks you through Chef Julie Houser’s process from imagination to creation and the intention behind each step. This beautiful collection of recipes references each chapter as a menu for you and your guests to experience. With a dedicated and mindful focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients found locally near you, this plant-based cookbook is abundant with delicious options. This unique approach to fine dining offers a distinctive perspective on breaking bread with friends and family. The Art of Harvest will turn anyone into an artist of food and encourage us all to celebrate the vegetable.

Cooking is not just a skill, it’s an art. It’s a way of expressing yourself, your values, and your creativity. Jules, you have shown me that vegan cuisine is not only delicious, but also ethical, healthy, and sustainable. You have inspired me to rethink my food choices and to appreciate the diversity of plant-based ingredients. You are not just a chef, you are an artist. I can't wait to seek inspiration from The Art of Harvest at my next dinner party! Thank you for sharing your passion and your talent with me - I am proud to be an investor and advisor in Flower Chef Foods, a world class business.

Giovanna MingarelliTechnology Entrepreneur and Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada

Congratulations on publishing your amazing cookbook Jules! This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to your passion and talent for plant-based cooking. I am proud of you and honored to have you as my chef and my friend. You have always impressed me and my guests with your vegan dishes, which are not only healthy and ethical, but also delicious and diverse. You have shown me that vegan cuisine can be as satisfying and flavorful as any other, and you have inspired me to explore more plant-based recipes myself. I hope your readers will find this book as interesting, useful and inspiring as I have found it. You have my gratitude and admiration for your work and your values.

Brandon LeeFormer Canadian Consul General to the Pacific Northwest